Emergency Hotline Numbers

Are you a cultural steward at an institution that has suffered damage to its collection(s)? The National Heritage Responders, managed by the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation, are a nationwide network of trained conservators and collections care professionals who staff a 24/7 hotline to provide salvage advice and guidance to cultural institutions. They can be reached at 202-661-8068.

Several preservation and conservation centers around the country also have emergency hotline numbers that handle cultural-institution inquiries regarding collections.

Are you a member of the public and need advice on saving your family valuables? The National Heritage Responders, a team of trained conservators and collections care professionals, has a public helpline email address to provide guidance on salvaging family heirlooms: NHRpublichelpline@culturalheritage.org.

For more informational and educational resources, make sure to check out HENTF’s resource library, specifically the pages meant for cultural organizations and the public.