Save Your Family Treasures

After the Flood: Advice for Salvaging Damaged Family Treasures. Tips and resources for individuals and institutions. Also available in Spanish and in Vietnamese. (Heritage Emergency National Task Force)

A 10-minute video, “Water Segment from the Field Guide to Emergency Response,” demonstrates how to rescue soaked photographs, books, documents, and other valued items. (Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation)

Disaster Recovery for Films in Flooded Areas. Practical and useful information on recovering film after a flood. (Association of Moving Image Archivists)

Find a Conservator. If a valuable or important item is badly damaged or has been exposed to contaminated water, a professional conservator may be able to help salvage it. Identify and locate professional conservation services using this tool. (American Institute for Conservation)

Flood Recovery Booklet. Contains information and helpful tips on safety, cleaning your home, cleaning and stabilizing important family documents and memorabilia, and where and how to find additional assistance. (Iowa Conservation and Preservation Consortium)

Repairing Your Family Home. Step-by-step advice for cleaning up, rebuilding, and getting help after a flood. (American Red Cross and FEMA)

Family and Home Disaster Information Resources Series. Publications designed to help Louisiana (and other states’) residents recover from floods, storms, extended power outages, and other stressful and dangerous events. (Louisiana State University Agricultural Center)

Salvage a Historic Property

Information for Owners of Damaged Buildings Following a Disaster. Multiple online resources to assist historic property owners in recovering from a natural disaster. (North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office)

Treatment of Flood-Damaged Older and Historic Buildings. Written to help building owners minimize structural and cosmetic flood damage in a wide variety of buildings with varying degrees of flood damage. (National Trust for Historic Preservation)

Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery for Owners of Historic Properties. Comprehensive pre- and post-hurricane checklists. (Historic Charleston)

Flooding and Historic Buildings. Although written for an English audience, much of the content still applies to historic buildings regardless of their location. (Historic England)