Our Research

In keeping with the Smithsonian’s mission of “increasing and diffusing knowledge,” our researchers on cultural heritage and disasters strive to engage in scholarship, convene symposia on the topics of cultural heritage preservation, and make those findings accessible to you.

Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) Internship Program

Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) Internship Program image

SCRI manages teams of Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) interns whose work supports our efforts to provide resources and guidance to communities in need.

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Uniting to Save World Cultures

Uniting to Save World Cultures<br><br> image

This 2015 conference aimed to highlight and disseminate illustrative case studies that can assist in identifying the key attributes associated with the successful protection of cultural heritage during complex emergencies.

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Conflict Culture Research Network

Conflict Culture Research Network image

In 2014, the University of Pennsylvania Museum, SCRI, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science launched a project to study “conflict culture”—the heritage of communities attacked during periods of war or violence.

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