A group of people in yellow vests and hard hats stand in front of shipping containers while holding a blue ICOM flag and white Smithsonian flag
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We aim to foster the professional development of the global community involved with the protection, preservation, and stewardship of heritage and give them tools to use when a disaster puts their heritage at risk.

The Smithsonian has extensive experience supporting scientific and cultural professionals in local communities affected by disasters worldwide, and the training function of the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative compiles, synthesizes, and shares this experience with the rest of the field. We currently collaborate with other cultural heritage emergency organizations in order to provide technical training workshops and interdisciplinary educational programs to both domestic and international heritage professionals.

We believe that offering this type of research-based, practical training to our on-the-ground partners and to military personnel will ensure a rapid, synchronized, and efficient response. During the critical hours of a disaster assessment and recovery, further enabling the preservation of cultural heritage and significantly contributing to the humanitarian response is our mission.

a group of people standing in a semi-circle.  All wearing yellow vests and hardhats

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Investing in people for the strongest and most lasting impact on cultural heritage protection.