a group of people standing in a semi-circle.  All wearing yellow vests and hardhats

Our Training Network

Investing in people for the strongest and most lasting impact on cultural heritage protection.

Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best: It’s a maxim because it works. Instilling a consistent and routine practice of readiness in anyone charged with safeguarding cultural heritage is the most effective means of preventing its destruction. By equipping cultural heritage professionals and local communities with technically sound and scientifically proven skills and abilities to assess risk, prepare for, respond and recover from disasters that impact cultural heritage, more of it will be preserved for future generations.  

The training courses are the gateway to the network.

Our strategies and tactics in service of the resilience priority will sustain and expand an active and connected global community of cultural heritage professionals and others who are primed to prepare for, respond to and recover from any disaster that puts their cultural heritage at risk.

Empowering individuals to preserve their own cultural heritage in the face of disaster makes for stronger communities, governmental systems and economies. Acknowledging and embracing the diversity and broad spectrum of resources, traditional knowledge and cultural values at play in any localized emergency ensures that guidance delivered aligns to real-world circumstances and will produce lasting results.

This network of trained alumni have committed to sharing the skills and knowledge they have learned with others in their local communities and beyond. We have provided resources to assist with this.

We invite you to meet some of our network members: