Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative

Woman in apron stands in front of stain glass window holding damaged object

Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative

The Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative’s mission is to protect cultural heritage threatened or impacted by disasters and to help U.S. and international communities preserve their identities and history. 

We aim to elevate the status of cultural heritage issues until they are an integral part of global conversation and action surrounding disaster risk management and emergency response.

We aim to help ensure that through intervention and action, cultural heritage is spared from destruction and continues to be accessible to the communities it represents.

We aim to foster the professional development of the global community involved with the protection, preservation, and stewardship of heritage and give them tools to use when a disaster puts their heritage at risk.

We aim to expand the knowledge and understanding of the causes and responses to cultural heritage destruction, informing strategic solutions and investments in action.